Europe in comic is a comic cooperation project which promote the interaction between comic artist who are living in Europe.

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1 EUROPEAN FANZINE PROJECT presentation on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:19 am


What is Europe in comic?
Europe comic is a great collaborative project consisting of two phases:
The publication of comic artists of the European Community and the 1 st Meeting of Amateur Authors located in Spain.

What is the collaboration comic?

The aim is to promote young european artists aged between 15 and 30 years who haven’t worked work professionally.
Create a humor comic book 120 pages with color cover and interior b / n.
Language: mainly English and accompanied by the language of the cartoonists.
Comic pages made by each author: two or four pages.
Size: 14x17 cm.
Theme: the stories will be developed in the author's country, contain curiosities, legends, conventions and clichés of that country. In short, show glimpses of the reality perceived by artists of their country.

Genre: humor.
Special guest and prologue we have the presence of Nacho Fernandez:

Nacho Fernandez Gonzalez (Bilbao 1973) has been publishing comic books in Spain since 1995. He acquired great fame through his first Dragon Fall, where he worked as a draftsman. Unique numbers issued for years and miniseries for others, going to create their own characters since 2000. He now is working for France. During his career he has put his artwork in the service of collections of stickers, posters, brochures, storyboards and animation.
Complete Works:
Dragon Fall 1995-2000 (Series - Chameleon Editions)
Paladins Horoscope 1997 (unique number - Studio Inu
) 1997 Beam Wars (unique number - Forum) 1997 Dracula Returns (unique number - Forum)
1998 Star Hounds: Genesis (unique number - Forum)
1999 Star Hounds: Bug Hunt (miniseries two numbers - Forum)
Templar 1998-1999 (three-issue miniseries - Duce Comics)
1999-2001 Dark Breed (series of nine numbers - Dude Comics)
2000 Star Hounds (miniseries two numbers - Quasar)
2002 The Legend of Sasha (number only)
2007 Rockers (unique number - Dolmen Editorial)
2009 The new era of sleep (unique number - Saure)
2009 - present Paladins Horoscope (Series - Panini)
2010 Kung-Foo Mousse (unique number - Glénat)

What is the 1st Spanish Amateurs Encounter?
Spanish Amateurs Encounter has as aim to provide a space for cartoonists in Spain to meet, and exchange experiences.
The Meeting is a big activity included into the VIII Otakuart Megaconvention Manga on 8, 9 and 10 July. Turia River Institute of Quart de Poblet (Valencia)

Among the highlights are talks and discussions with partner Nacho Fernández.

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