Europe in comic is a comic cooperation project which promote the interaction between comic artist who are living in Europe.

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How participate? Asks and answers

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1 How participate? Asks and answers on Sun Jul 03, 2011 2:22 am


Do you like to draw humor comics? Are you living in the European Community?
We are looking for young cartoonists to participate in a big project of European collaboration for the creation of a comic. The style of the participants doesn’t matter. As requirements, you must: be European citizen, be an amateur artist, and be between fifteen and thirty years.

The goal is to promote the cooperation between artists with European nationality, disseminating the work of new talents and emphasizing the cooperative efforts of the European Union through the humor comic.

How should be the publication?
It must have around 120 pages, although the number of pages may increase or decrease depending on the quantity and the quality of the people inscribed. The cover must be in colour and the pages in black and white. Size 14x17 cm. The comics included must be typeset in the native language of artists and translated into English in the page margins.
Each participant must draw two or four pages of comics. There is not a topic set, but the stories need to be developed in the country of the author, contain curiosities, legends, conventions and clichés of the country. In short, it has to show glimpses of the reality perceived by young cartoonists about their country.

How will it be distributed?
Mainly the publication will be offered for sale by Spanish comic events. But the team's intention is to distribute the work by all the countries of the European Union as we can. For this reason, if any participant is able to market it in its own territory, we will sent copies as needed. All collaborators will receive a copy of the comic.

What do I have to do to participate?
You have to send a recent sample of comics that you have already finished, not the artwork you will publish it if you are chosen. The time for submission samples is from 17 June to 20 July to email:

Each sample received is assessed and reported to each author whether it meets the required standard. As soon as we are selecting participants, they will be reported on the blog:

The selected artists will have until September 15 to deliver the finished work.

Community coordination
It aims to create links between artists of different countries through the project that will endure over time and can be used for future initiatives. Http:// forum will be used to promote communication among employees, contribute ideas, ask questions, including tutorials and resolve last-minute setbacks.

Who promotes the initiative?
The developer is Studio Kat, belonging to the Youth Center “l’Amagatall”, Quart de Poblet. The European collaborative comic is entirely funded through the Youth in Action Programme of the European Community with the aim of creating a common European awareness.

Please, feel free to ask.

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